Introducing wearable technology to support health and the environment

How can you earn the attention and interest of people most inclined to use wearable technology to manage personal health and share information that benefits their environment?

By knowing their needs and habits and assessing how those uniquely align with the product.

Client: Wavefront Wireless Innovation and TZOA Wearables, with funding from the National Research Council.


AirShift Group provided expertise in air quality and health outreach to support the launch of a new wearable air quality monitor developed by the Canadian wearable technology start-up, TZOA Wearables. Our work helped define target audiences and recommend ways to reach those audiences and inspire them to act.

We provided a comprehensive review of research on current perceptions and attitudes about air quality in Canada and the US, as well as a review of consumer research on wearable technology. This review revealed two distinct audiences: young urban-dwelling adults most inclined to incorporate technology into their daily lives and share their experiences, and; people who are more at risk to air pollution due to their health/age status and/or ongoing outdoor activity level. Based on this review, AirShift provided recommendations to support:

  • Refinement of product proposition and expression of consumer benefits.
  • Building product-awareness partnerships.
  • Integrating outreach messages, channels and tools designed to appeal to target audiences during the product launch and future marketing programs.


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