Our team’s expertise in marketing and communication has been gained through work with leading health and environment organizations from across North America with mandates to improve and protect population and environmental health. We have decades experience in researching, planning and implementing communication and outreach programs that deliver measurable results. We believe when people are given simple, easy-to-understand and actionable information, they will do what is right for their personal health, the health of their families and their surrounding environment.

We monitor air quality social marketing efforts in other areas of the world, too, and actively study air quality indices, mobile monitoring technologies, crowd sourcing initiatives and citizen experiences.

AirShift Group also has expertise in the evaluation of air quality outreach initiatives to measure effectiveness and guide clients in making ongoing improvements to their environment and health outreach programs.

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AirShift expertise and service areas:

  • Communication Planning
  • Branding and Graphic Identity
  • Audience and Market Research
  • Communication and Outreach Program Audits
  • Social Marketing and Advertising
  • Web and Print Design
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Issues and Crisis Management

Learn more about our work. We have also developed a number of communication and outreach resources.

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