Specialists in Air Quality and Health

At AirShift Group, we know what can be achieved through effective air quality and health promotion. We believe when people are given simple, easy-to-understand information they will do what is right for themselves personally, for their families and for their surrounding environment.

We also understand the challenges health and environment dialogue and data can present to the public. We are very familiar with the policy, academic and science-based challenges inherent in communicating about air quality and health. Yet, we have a track record of navigating the interests of many stakeholders and successfully simplifying health promotion information that is accurate, meaningful, memorable and actionable.

Our experience

AirShift Group led the marketing and communication efforts to support the introduction of the world’s first Air Quality Health Index within Canada. We have been responsible for the communication planning and social marketing of this health management tool in British Columbia since 2005 and have built multiple provincial and national partnerships with government, non-profits, health and environment organizations, and media to engage Canadians on the importance of air quality on health.

We led the social media outreach on air quality and health in BC and across Canada, integrating social media with traditional media outreach during BC’s wild fires — an effort which has been heralded as proactive, innovative and having a significant health protective value. We have also supported the Province of Alberta in their efforts to better inform Albertan’s about the quality of their air, focused on educating those most at health risk from air pollution.

We’ve also created effective ways for municipalities to engage residents on local environmental, air quality and water quality issues.

We repeatedly serve as subject experts and presenters on branding, stakeholder engagement, social marketing and the use of social media, in relation to air quality and health promotion.

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